Andy Martin Introduces California Sunshine Furnitures at London Design Festival

This multi-disciplinary architect, designer and artist continues to investigate his personal interest in the ephemeral nature of the present design culture. Andy Martinʼ s first solo exhibition in London will present the first three furniture pieces,quite simply A/B/C in a series of 26. The 3 pieces are broadly representative of a stool, side table and coffee table. The works donʼt try to create a narrative but use material, colour and transparency to inspire. Andy looks to strip the functionality producing a hallucinatory visual experience. The pieces appear to hovering, their lightness of form and optics contradicting their physical heaviness.

“The pieces were experimental”, Martin says “to be watched, stared at and resolved somehow differently by each voyeur.”
The final pieces are cast from polyester resin both clear and pigmented. Many scaled prototypes and colour samples are produced and the combinations researched. Martin sees these first prototypes like small architectural models of large public buildings being designed to scale which he simply enlarges to ergonomic proportions.



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