Dream and Fly Bubbles, Micro Hotel Rooms Concept

Barcelona company Dream and Fly have sent us the latest project of their miniature hotel rooms proposed for airports and train stations. The bubbles are designed as small luxury rooms and are available in three dimensions. The ‘Simple Bubble’ is five square meters and has no bathroom, ‘Single Bubble’ is seven square meters with an en-suite, while ‘Family Bubble’ is ten square meters and includes a cot.

Simple Bubble consists of a space without a bathroom. This type of modular bubble works in a completely autonomous way from the structure of a micro hotel. It can be installed in any place where a hotel room cannot be built.

In this space the passenger / client can sleep for a few hours in a comfortable bed which can be either single or double, lie down on the pillows of the reclining headrest and work on a foldable table with access to the Internet, or consult the boarding details of their flight on an LCD monitor on the wall and keep the newspapers on a shelf next to the bed, which is totally equipped with stations for mobile phones and mp3 players, with ambient sound and electrical sockets. The passenger can take a shower, in the privacy of their own space, where they can find a sink, toilet and modern shower. All of the sanitary ware are stainless steel, reminiscent of the interior of a plane.

Dream and Fly Bubble

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